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Update by user 20 hours ago

By myself

Update by user 20 hours ago

I have recently gotten a second real job and getting my money together. I will be going to school next summer.

Original review posted by user Nov 16

I have a huge Instagram following and I needed a computer for school and work . I have a huge following because I used to do adult modeling in the past.

I was very strict about receiving funds and what they were for. Go fund me made a couple of mistakes with one of my donors and ended up refunding him the whole amount that donated. He put the amount in again and this time watched the tipping area because they have that pre set. They refunded all of my donors and said that I broke terms and conditions which I did not .

I have sent email after email to them explaining my situation telling them I can provide the application and the approval from Fasfa on my school loans . They will not respond back to me they just completely closed my account where I can’t logon.

I think this is some sort of discrimination and I’m trying to go back to school to better myself.Why isn’t this against the law? I know the United States is a country full of over religious zealots But I was sure that they will be fair seeing that I was completely professional in strict about what I wanted and telling my donors what I wanted donations for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gofundme Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"Why isn’t this against the law? " you asked.

Because being the recipient of a beneficial private organization is not a right under the law, it is a privilege distributed or operated at the pleasure of the owner.

Right or wrong, somehow they think you stepped out of bounds. There is not enough information in the post to help me either sympathize or disagree with you.

to Carolyn #1610185

You’re right Carolyn I guess I was just really upset and wanted somewhere to vent. I don’t usually things like this happen because I really try to go by the book .


Just because somebody doesn't recognize an obvious acronym (fasfa) doesn't make them a troll or a jerk. They've just never heard of it and you said or wrote nothing to clarify.

I would lay 10 to 1 odds that you don't know : CIO, SA, NASA, WWW, (no not worldwide web) IGY, MNA, BBC, AFL (2 of those) the list is endless.

That makes you a wealthy snob or an ignorant moron according to your logic. You'd better wise up before you burn every bridge in your life and wind up with nothing.

to Harris #1610186

I understand those things but being upset about one thing doesn’t mean I burn every bridgeabout I come to. I’m actually a kind, funny, pleasant person and this was just jarring to me.

I was just in the moment and angry) at the time .

I’ve been working since I was 17 and needed to take care of people and I just thought asking for help one time would be ok. I just want to go to school so I can get a good job and not be below the poverty line.


"I have sent email after email" ... the definition of insanity is to repeat the same action expecting a different outcome.

to Joanne #1610187

Yep I was insane. Lol go a brief moment. Lol


It's always somebody else's fault. Bet that's always been your M.O.

to Dale #1610183

No it hasn’t otherwise I would not have been upset. If this was my regular analogy to everything it would’ve just been like any other day .

Do use every day to go through comments to be rude to people ? Is that your MO?


Since I would bet money that you never read the United States Constitution, your are painfully unaware that anyone who is a citizen of this country has the right to be a "religious Zealot". Some people are, many are not.

Not your business. Law. And we are all free from rules of "law" made up by an angry uneducated young woman who has received a lot for free in her lifetime and has been all the way through the triad of Appreciation, Expectation, Demanding.

Now you're demanding and criticizing the nation and it is ugly and unbecoming. What have you ever contributed to the USA other than bile ?

to Anonymous #1610189

Well my father and my grandfather both in the military . I dropped out of school And got 2 jobs to take care of my ailing grandfather who was in the military.

I didn’t want him to lose his house because there were two mortgages on it . I also took in two homeless people two different times of my life when I did have a home . I have a sister with 4 children I’m about to give her a piece of my liver because she has biliary Artesia . I just want to have a good job so I wouldn’t have to be poor and I figured having a computer for school would help .

I haven’t been handed anything really but I’ve helped other people. I do try to keep up appearances so people don’t know how bad I really am doing .

I try to make ends meet anyway I can . It’s just been really hard


Since you have a "huge following" , why do you need gofundme ? Won't your adoring public come to your rescue ?

Adult modeling ? Embarrassed synonym for pole dancer. *** *** pleaser.

Why not get yourself a tin cup and sit on the street corner and beg ? No difference except you'd have to wear clothes.

to Lucy #1610190

I really wish that was the case . I wish I could be one of those rich *** stars bor rich models But no dancers moves coming from here. I am funny though.


Get something for free and complain about the service. Typical...

WTF is Fasfa ? Don't blame the nation because some website pulled your plug. Grow up.

Obviously you viaoltaed some term or condition and got called on it. Read the rules next time.

to Anonymous #1603827

Hello Anonymous person I just love how you hid your name Wow! you don’t know what fasfa is?

Either you were incredibly wealthy or you are uneducated . I needed help for school and there are people who put up go fund me accounts for a lot less and more ridiculous things . Unlike you I am not well-to-do . I am a poor person who needed help and people wanted to help me .

I never violated any terms ,obviously! If you would’ve read the page and maybe do your due diligence and pay attention you would have realized my complaint is valid. Don’t be such a jerk for now big corporations. You are probably one of the people that works there or something .

I’m sure you never needed help. You probably had everything handed to you, jerk . So before you post something please do your research or just keep your mouth shut about other people . Albeit this is a democracy and I should be able to complain about something that I felt was unjustly done to me.

I am the little person here and I am not rich so keep your rich, greedy nose out of my business . One more thing.

Stop trolling people! I’m sure this isn’t your first rodeo, mr anonymous (coward).

to FlamboyantLionfish168 #1605388

You want to call someone a "coward" for not posting info on an open site ? Does that mean your name is truly "Flamboyant Lionfish168" ?

What planet are you living on ? You're even worse of a chickens*** for hiding behind something like that.

Is that who you asked your millions of fans to send of their checks made out to Miss 168 ? You have an awfully big mouth and it's going to bite you one day.

to Jackie #1610192

Honestly I don’t know how I got that name. I think it was generated for me .

I also don’t have millions of fans but I do like playing video games when I can. As I stated I was just incredibly angry . I’m usually the type of person that doesn’t get like that and when I see people angry and hurt like I was, I try to help them with their problems. I’m usually not that person that feels it necessary to criticize someone.

I’m over it and just decided to move on.

I’ve had a lot worse things happen in my life . Life will get better soon.

to FlamboyantLionfish168 #1605972

Someone who doesn't know what you're talking about can't be a troll, but you can still be uneducated, rude, and vulgar acting. Funny how such a childlike person can work in the so-called "adult" (snicker) entertainment "industry".

Give me a break.

You might make a decent author of fiction with your wild, vivid imagination about the nature of people you don't know and will never meet. You'll need to improve your English grammar, spelling and syntax first so don't give up on school - you just can't expect others to pay for it.

to Professor #1610193

Your right. I’m just going to get another part-time job and try to earn money .

I’m just trying to get out of the dead end job I have. I also use the voice app so sometimes it doesn’t type exactly what I’m meaning to say .

Sometimes I have to go back and do a spellcheck . Life will get better.

to Professor #1610697

She is uneducated, rude and immature. I wonder how she even got accepted to university.

I mean eight year old kids are smarter than this little girl. It sounds like she is running a scam. There is no way someone as uneducated as her would even be accepted in university. Why if she just filled out he application forms and did the essays and English tests to see if she is smart enough to go to university she would fail.

As you said her spelling and grammar is terrible. No way someone with such terrible spelling and grammar would pass the test to see if they qualify for university.

Obviously the OP is a freeloading *** that wants other's to pay for her education. It would be a shame and waste of money to them as she is no smarter than an eight year old.

to FlamboyantLionfish168 #1606308

Mean and nasty and way overboard. I wouldn't fund you for a cup of coffee.

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